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Marilyn Macha’s keynotes are relevant, experiential, inspiring. Through this high-energy platform, she brings her deep passion and matchless expertise to inspire audiences across the nation and around the world. Marilyn Macha encourages audiences to reignite their passion for growth and discover their unique purpose in both life and career.

A Word From Marilyn –

Awareness must be encouraged in order to reignite what’s been dormant and help people rediscover the life that they would love living.

Keynote Topics Include:

  • Women’s Leadership
  • Real Wealth, The Power of Balance
  • Three Secrets to Living an Adventurous Life
  • The Economics of Success (A Surprising Discovery)
  • The Power of More
  • Going Beyond Success

Want to leverage Marilyn’s dynamic speaking and years of expertise in order to reignite the passion and drive in your organization and GO BEYOND SUCCESS? Request Marilyn Macha for a keynote now.

What People Are Saying
Barb Eckley
Barb Eckley
I bought this book and couldn't put it down. The truths resonated with my inner being as Marilyn spoke of the importance of learning to listen to our inner self and importance of not living the baggage of our past. Marilyn Macha shares from her heart and it makes you see the importance of learning... Read More
Ainty J.
Ainty J.
I began as a skeptic. I thought "Ho Hum...heard this all before..." I was wrong. Marilyn says what no one else has said. Others have alluded to it,but none has had the courage to spell it out so boldly, and with such genuine compassion. It is most important to see that everything begins with our own thoughts... Read More
Arthur Baird
Arthur Baird
So glad to have a chance to comment on your wonderful book as it reminded me of how many times Intuition and Awake worked for me really without me knowing what was really happening. Thank you so much for explaining it all in such simple terms. When we take the time to listen to our inner voice and... Read More

Meet Marilyn Macha

Marilyn J. Macha, Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant. After 20 years of running one of the top financial services firms in the country, yet finding she felt a longing for more from life, Marilyn has discovered and developed a proven formula for helping high-performing women reach an entirely new level of aliveness and success – both personally and professionally. LEARN MORE

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