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Real Wealth Revealed

AWAKE: The Secret Logic of Becoming Rich

The first of a four part series - AWAKE shows you how patterned ways of thinking run automatically and how to make the mental switch from negative, disempowering thoughts directing one's actions, to choosing a positive, affirming relationship with Life. We must be awake to our thinking in order to make new choices and redirect the direction of our lives. Awakening is a joy filled discovery.

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"Real Wealth gave me the real meaning of being wealthy in my life, in my finances and in all of my affairs. It is a simple, easy application of steps I can take, right now, to allow abundances and inner-peace into my life. It is a clear and informative read! I love it and have ordered a few for my family and friends. A MUST!!!!"

Wealth Mastery for Women

The 12 Laws are amazingly simple. They are tried and true. And when you begin at the beginning, with Law #1, reading and DOING, taking action and moving forward each day toward your goals, massive miracles can be manifested in your life!

We believe in miracles. We believe in little ones, medium-size ones, and massive miracles that take your breath away.

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The miracle of meeting each other and coming together to create Wealth Mastery was a beautiful little miracle. The work itself - the principles, concepts, insights and inspiration that has become Wealth Mastery for Women - is a mighty miracle.

Other Books in The Real Wealth Revealed Series

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Once you are Awake to the fact that you can be conscious of your thoughts, then the next step is to be AWARE of what is automatically there in your thoughts; to notice what you're thinking. Without being aware, you run the same patterns day after day, creating the same life over and over. Being AWARE gives you greater structure to fulfill all of your desires.

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When we look at "getting CURIOUS" it is really all about asking ourselves questions - questions that move us in the direction of our desires. To get CURIOUS (not judgmental) of what we are thinking. Being introspective and truthful with ourselves, we find ourselves being more curious about what has meaning in our own lives and living a life of purpose and joy.

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Release and repatterning WILL commence when you are Awake, Aware and Curious about your thinking. Being WILLING is then mandatory to shift our lives and our results. When you are WILLING nothing can stop you, unless you make an agreement to get stopped. Being WILLING to make new choices, those necessary in both our thinking and our behaviors, to create a new life, we begin to take action where we have stopped before. We are WILLING to think thoughts that our imagined life requires and do what it takes.