Overview and History

Marilyn Macha Consulting & Coaching is a corporate service business headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, founded by Marilyn J. Macha in 2013. We have created products and services for businesses and the people who own and operate them.

We provide our clients wholeness and clarity in their lives, supporting a deliberate and easier way of working and allowing them to reframe their self-images and consequently their happiness and success.

We listen and tell the truth in a safe and confidential environment. We celebrate the intuitive side of life while operating in an empirical world.

As a Certified Financial Planner® Professional (CFP®), she supported her vision for over 30 years by helping people design investment portfolios specifically aligned with the individuals' goals, concerns and desires.

"We primarily focus our work with successful businesswomen by supporting them in shattering the perceived glass ceilings which inhibit their lives and by revealing their own unique lives of excellence and harmony."

Marilyn has spent much of her life developing the balance between understanding the thinking about financial prosperity and the knowing what to do, and how to be the man or woman living a successful life.. She now takes that skill into a broader definition of a prosperous life.

Marilyn Macha Consulting is a cutting edge, scientifically-based consulting firm providing education and coaching for breakthrough thinking and proven results in the advancement of entrepreneurs.