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With over 30 years in the financial industry and several years at the helm of her own consulting firm, Marilyn J. Macha is a dynamic force in every endeavor. Whether she is working with entire organizations through her Corporate Consulting, working one-on-one with C-level executives through Executive Coaching, or dazzling audiences through Keynote Speaking, Marilyn Macha brings a level of expertise, passion, and overall vision that is unmatched in her industry.

A Suite of Services For Executive Women in The Financial World.

What i do

Here are some of the main ways I can help you reach your business and personal goals.

corporate consulting

Looking for a catalyst for growth and change? Want to know your WHY?

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keynote speaking

Looking to be inspired to rediscover the life you'd love living?

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executive coaching

Want to overcome self-imposed limitations and reprogram your brain to Go Beyond Success?

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"This growth is not just for the sake of more, it's purpose is to unleash potential, draw out what needs to be expressed, and to reignite each person's innate internal desire for more."

Marilyn Macha

consultant, coach, author, speaker

Real wealth includes all areas of life: health, love, lifestyle, vocation, AND financial freedom. Making millions and millions does not solve our issues, nor does it get you to your meaning for life.

I am passionate about empowering and mentoring others to reach the next level of success in their careers - but more importantly - to GO BEYOND SUCCESS by introducing them to proven, predictable and repeatable strategies that facilitate goal achieving while achieving true joy and balance in this beautiful journey called LIFE. Read More >>

"Awareness must be encouraged in order to reignite what's been dormant and help people rediscover the life that they would love living."

Why Choose Marilyn

My purpose is to provide a sense of wellbeing and success for all people. To be a calming and powerful medium in the financial community through intelligent, creative and innovative perspective and research; and to be a beneficial presence for the prosperity of the planet.


I am determined to help you succeed with a willingness to take a stand for what's good and loving in all circumstances.


I teach a sophisticated intelligent approach to coaching that provides breakthrough thinking and quantifiable results.


Together, we develop your ability to create and maintain a focused attitude that makes the difference in your results.


I promise to help you develop your skills ... to never have conditions or circumstances stop you from what inspires you.

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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Anais Nin

You are free to choose the concept you will accept of yourself. Therefore, you possess the power of intervention, the power which enables you to alter the course of your future.