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Want to leverage Marilyn's dynamic speaking and years of expertise in order to reignite the passion and drive in your organization and GO BEYOND SUCCESS? Contact Marilyn for a keynote now.

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Going BEYOND Success

Marilyn Macha's keynotes are relevant, experiential, inspiring. Through this high-energy platform, she brings her deep passion and matchless expertise to inspire audiences across the nation and around the world. Marilyn Macha encourages audiences to reignite their passion for growth and discover their unique purpose in both life and career.

"Awareness must be encouraged in order to reignite what's been dormant and help people rediscover the life that they would love living."

Want to leverage Marilyn's dynamic speaking and years of expertise in order to reignite the passion and drive in your organization and GO BEYOND SUCCESS? Contact Marilyn for a keynote now. Marilyn will also help guide new ideas for bringing her in to enhance the experience for executive or client events. What about special occasions outside of workshops? What about cruises or spa weekends? She'll assist you in coming up with unique and vibrant expressions of celebration. Be the talk of the town in how your company not only inspires their employees and advisors, but puts them into action from the message that they receive. Marilyn's imagination and intuitive business thinking takes an audience beyond their current mindset, and hence, beyond their current results.

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Relevant, Experiential, Inspiring

Women's Leadership

The word "Leadership" has become commonplace and it is not. Women have an amazing capacity to become extraordinary leaders. Leadership takes courage and a confidence and a vulnerability within oneself; it takes the acumen, awareness and compassion to lead oneself, first. Are you ready to discover your passion, reveal your greatness and share your unique contribution to the world?

Real Wealth, The Power of Balance

Balance and homeostasis are not the same. In a "microwave age" of wanting immediate results, there is no balance ... but there can be harmony. How do we slow down AND be wealthier? Learn to create a life of harmonious excellence, joy and prosperous results.

Three Secrets to Living an Adventurous Life

Most people spend more time planning a vacation or an evening out than they do planning their lives, let alone how "adventurous" they would love their lives to be. What if we could be taught how to plan such a life, filled with possibilities and wonder and fulfillment? Come hear how to stimulate your thinking to LIVE the dream inside every one of us and claim the life you came to experience.

The Economics of Success (A Surprising Discovery)

Economics is defined as the Science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services or the material welfare of humankind. There is an art of success and a science to the Fulfillment of that success! What if you could paint the picture of your success and then learn the application, the distribution of your unique contribution that fills the interspaces of your own experience? You can!

The Power of More

We experience frustration and overwhelm daily because we are trained to look at what's wrong; learning how to shift to a life you'd love living, rather than managing the one you're currently experiencing takes a mindset that requires courage, presence and tenacity; a mindset that is working for your good, not against it. It will surprise you to learn the simplicity of what it takes ... yes, it's simple...

Going Beyond Success

A fly dies trying to get through a closed window to the outside, all the while, 10 feet away, an open door awaits its entry to the outside. It takes a new awareness to look newly, to be the person "on the other side of the window" and it feels mystical in its revelation. Warning: it takes great courage to rebuff what you have been tricked into believing for so long. AND it is worth it!

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